What's Up with Earth & the Humans?

Greta von Kirchmann

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It's All About The Information...Seriously


Life as a human on planet Earth is all about information. We process & generate it constantly (consciousness, media, mind). It tells our bodies how to form and operate (DNA, etc). It's the basis of everything...totally existential! 


SHOW & Podcast LAUNCH! *The Earthling Conversations*


 Investigating the Nature of Life & ‘Reality’ on planet Earth!
Conversations about society, culture, history, science, metaphysics, politics, community building.

2PM 3/1/19 *Peace Creation* Both Sides Politics and Prison

'Yoga Gone Bad' (the novel) ...read excerpts


Book I of the 

Information Island Mystery Series

...fun, thought provoking fiction. 

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Socio-Politics in America : National Dialogues


Our socio-political landscape, the events that changed Charlottesville and the world on August 11 & 12, 2017, and what continues to unfold. Plus other current news, current events, and more topics


'My Life Among Earthlings' ...read excerpts


True stories...from an inter-racial girl with an eternal soul and two dead parents.

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Time * Travel * Science * Quantum-ness


I'll be writing, podcasting, YouTubing about stuff like time, time travel, science, quantum physics. Travel, culture, cognition, esoteric knowledge...you get the idea.


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